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Well, Who’s Who? 400 posts for them whos

octobre 11, 2013

imageCouldn’t sleep
Within the following links
Softly glowing

So I ask myself, Holy ‘diot
What have I undone?

Skinned deep down high depths
Striped to the bone
Head to head
Back to back

Sixty nine nights or 399 blog posts
Won’t light up a frightened crab

Then maybe a novel could do?

Anything I do, I do it for you

I could use drugs and lie down till death

If nothing but you kept me alive and writin’.

Only you and you and you

As long as we communicate

These letters through your mind by your eyes

Whos eyes I love,

Are heart beats and deep breath

Everlasting vows of blessing and intense time trough life, gathered together.

One Comment
  1. A reblogué ceci sur tkkim and commented:
    i can’t sleep too, I’m lost in Friedrichshain and Berliner dreams hurts without limits…<3 to all my muses …


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